Causes and Preventions of Investment Casting Defects

During the real production of investment casting components, we face some common issues of casting defects. This article introduce some common defects, their reasons and precautions.

What Is Special Casting

The special casting mainly refer the investment casting, plaster casting, lost foam casting, metal casting, high pressure casting, low pressure casting, vacuum casting...etc. This article explains the brief introduction and characte...

What is Shell Mould Casting

Shell mould casting is a process in which the sand mixed with a thermosetting resin is allowed to come into contact with a heated metallic pattern plate, so that a thin and strong shell of mould is formed around the pattern.

Sand Casting Foundry with OEM Service

As a sand casting foundry, Rinborn Machinery Co., Ltd could provide OEM design service. We can produce the desired casting parts by your samples, drawings, or just your rough ideas.

Main Process of Lost Wax Casting Method

OEM Lost Wax Casting Foundry with Customized Deign Services. Main process of lost wax casting process.

Three Major Casting Process

As one of the oldest metalforming process, the casting process could be clarified into three main casting process by how to made the casting molds: expendable molds, permanent molds, composite molds.

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