How to Select Gray Cast Iron for Different Applications?

Gray iron castings have superior casting performance, good machining performance and relatively simple casting methods, so it is widely used in various industrial machinery fields. However, when selecting cast iron parts, in addition to strength and mechanical properties, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the various characteristics of gray cast iron, so as to obtain excellent gray cast iron castings suitable for different purposes.

Regarding how to choose gray cast iron parts for different purposes, the following is our experience:

1) Gray cast iron parts have low friction resistance and low wear, and at the same time, there is a good match between strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, gray cast iron has good shock absorption and good casting performance, and can be used to cast castings with complex shapes and suitable for a relatively large number of casting methods. Therefore, gray cast iron is widely used in internal combustion engine cylinder blocks for steam, gas and petroleum-based fuels.

2) Gray cast iron parts can be used to manufacture piston rings and cylinder liners because cast iron has good anti-friction properties, and has certain strength and elasticity as well as good casting performance.

3) Gray cast iron parts have good shock absorption and small deformation. At the same time, through adjustments, the gray cast iron has evenly distributed graphite and a certain strength to ensure good lubrication and wear resistance. These characteristics make gray cast iron widely used in machine tools, hydraulic presses, rolling mills and flywheels.

4) The application of gray cast iron castings in valve castings is mainly due to its good wear resistance, low shrinkage tendency, good casting performance and good processing performance.

5) For thin-walled castings with low strength requirements, gray iron castings also have good fluidity. Therefore, iron castings on textile machines and sewing machines can also be useful.

6) Gray cast iron has good wear resistance, strength, noise absorption ability and friction braking ability. Therefore, gray cast iron is widely used in the brake system of cars, trucks and trains to make brake drums, brake discs and brake shoes. At the same time, due to the above-mentioned advantages, gray cast iron castings also play a great role in printing machinery, motor housings and motor end covers, paper machine frames, tables, gears and other components.

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