Lost Foam Cast Process

Lost foam means casting near the final contour with lost patterns made from expandable polystyrene (EPS). The EPS positive patterns are mounted to a casting system. After dressing, the pattern clusters are inserted into pouring vessels, which are then filled with unbound quartz sand. During casting, the patterns remain in the compacted sand mould (full mould). For the production of complex cast parts in this innovative large-scale series casting method, we have the lost foam series casting system as well as several foam and gluing machines. The lost foam method is considered to be the most innovative large-scale series casting method for the production of complex cast parts.


✔ Greater design freedom in the construction of cast parts
Function integrated cast components can be produced as single parts due to the layered structure of the pattern segments (cost advantage)
Low casting finishing (near net shape)
Possibility to automate the respective work steps
High flexibility through short set-up times
Long EPS mould service lives, hence lower proportionate tool costs
Assembly and treatment costs are reduced by the omission of the treatment process, installation parts, screw connections, etc.
Expansion of the scope of application of cast designs

lost foam casting process

lost foam casting

lost foam casting parts

lost foam casting components

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