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Precision casting is another term of investment casting or lost wax casting, usually precisely by the silica sol as the bond materials.

In its most basic situation, precision casting creates precisely controlled parts with near-net shape, to reach within even plus/minus 0.005'' tolerances. This reduces or eliminates the need for machining, which helps control the customer's final cost.

To achieve the greatest level of part integrity and avoid cavity shrinkage, simulations are used to verify each customer's project. In addition, vacuum dipping and vacuum pouring is available for parts requiring greater cavity detail and thinner walls. Vacuum dipping is a precision cast process to help eliminate any air bubbles which lead to the creation of excess metal.

Our precision casting process begins from the ideas or drawings from the customers. Instead of simply casting custom parts as requested, we focus on making their investment casting even more competitive in the markets. The result is a near-net shape part with outstanding dimensional accuracy and part finish that accomplishes more than the customer might have thought possible.

RMC can precision cast parts ranging in size from grams to a hundreds of kilograms in more than 100+ metal alloys. RMC can also create custom alloys to match a customer's investment casting needs. Precision casting at RMC doesn't just mean producing an investment casting. It means an entire process of customer interaction, combined with challenging the boundaries of the casting process, to deliver the right part for every single customer.

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