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CF8M Cast Stainless Steel Open Impeller
Material: CF8M Cast Stainless Steel
Process: Lost Wax Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 3.50 kg
Test: Dynamic Balancing 
Ductile Cast Iron CNC Machining Part
Material: Ductile Iron GGG80, EN-GJS-800-2
Process: Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 6.20 kg
Application: Shock Absorber of Railroad Trains
Grey Cast Iron CNC Machining Product
Material: Grey Cast Iron
Process: Shell Mold Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 1.52 kg
Finish: Painting (Primer + Coating)
Gray Iron Casting Product by Full Mold Casting
Material: Gray Iron EN-GJL-250
Process: Lost Foam Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 6 kg
Application: Gearbox Housing for Truck
Grey Iron Truck Part by Lost Foam Casting
Material: Gray Cast Iron GG25, EN-GJL-250
Process: Lost Foam Cast + Machining
Weight: 5 kg
Application: Heavy Duty Truck
Copper Based Brass Sand Casting
Material: Brass, Bronze and other Copper Alloys
Process: Sand Casting
Weight: 6.20 kg
Application: Machinery Spare Part
Precision Casting Stainless Steel Pump Body
Material: Cast Stainless Steel AISI 316 / CF8M / 1.4408
Process: Precision (Investment) Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 21.80 KG
Application: Centrifugal Pump Body
Heat Treatment: Solid Solution
Stainless Steel Investment Casting Pump Housing
Material: Cast Stainless Steel CF8M/1.4408
Process: Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 40.80 KG
Application: Pump Housing

Alloy Steel 30CrMo 45CrMo 42CrMo Casting
Material: Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel 30 CrMo, 35CrMo, 40CrMo, 42CrMo 
Process: Sand Casting
Weight: 2.50 kg
Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel Castings
Material: Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel
Process: Investment Casting
Weight: 4.80 KG
Application: Shock Absorber Cover
Ductile Cast Iron Resin Coated Sand Castings
Material: Ductile Cast Iron
Process: Resin Coated Sand Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 4.80 KG
Application: Shock Absorber Cover
Cast Alloy Steel Investment Castings
Material: Cast Alloy Steel
Process: Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 13.80 KG
Application: Butterfly Valve Housing