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Cast Alloy Steel Investment Castings

Cast Alloy Steel Investment Castings

Material: Cast Alloy Steel
Process: Investment Casting 
Weight: 3.80 KG
Application: Valve Housing

With investment casting, we can offer you precision steel castings with custom and CNC machining services. Look forward to your question or inquiry.


Cast Alloy Steel Investment Castings with OEM Custom and CNC Machining Services in China Foundry

Carbon steel, low alloy steel, and tool steel castings are used in several industrial applications and environments. With their numerous grades, steel and their alloys can be heat-treated to improve its yield and tensile strength; and, adjust hardness or ductility to the engineer's application needs or desired mechanical properties.

Precision Cast Alloy Steel Investment Casting Parts
RMC manufactures precision investment cast metal parts that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Lost wax investment casting allows us to produce metal parts as small as tens of grams and as large as tens of kilograms, in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and with exceptional dimensional accuracy.

The lost wax casting process produces near-net-shape precision metal parts that often require little or no additional machining. The resulting finish is also much better than what is achievable through other processes. The strength and durability of the casting parts make themselves ideal for high wear-resistance applications requiring millions of cycles.

RMC Investment Casting Foundry offers
Valve and Pipeline Castings
Manifolds Castings
Hydaulic Castings
Precision Medical castings
Truck Castings
Loctomotive Castings
Railway Trains castings
And more...

Whether we're casting small metal parts in carbon steel or large, intricate shapes in specialty non-ferrous alloys, RMC can deliver precision metal cast parts that perfectly match your designs and usage. We offer design assistance, as needed, to help improve both your part's function and its manufacturability. From the simplest shape to the most complex geometry, we can turn your designs into reality.