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Ductile Cast Iron Resin Coated Sand Castings

Ductile Cast Iron Resin Coated Sand Castings

Material: Ductile Cast Iron
Process: Resin Coated Sand Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 4.80 KG
Application: Shock Absorber Cover

OEM custom ductile cast iron resin coated sand casting parts with CNC machining services. Look forward to your inquiry or technical question.

The No-bake Furan Resin Sand Castings

As a kind of self-harden sand, the no-bake furan resin sand is widely used for gray iron sand casting and ductile iron casting processes. The surface of the sand mold would be solidified to a hard situation after the coating is burned. Therefore, the furan resin sand casting process could be used to produce middle-sized and large-sized iron castings parts, from tens of kilograms to even tens of tons. With good surface quality, tighter dimensional tolerances and less casting defects, the furan resin sand casting processes could be used to produce the complex casting parts.

RMC utilizes the No-bake sand casting process for producing steel castings, stainless steel castings, ductile iron castings, and gray iron castings. In the No-Bake process, sand molds are formed by a wood or metal pattern. The sand of fine-grain is combined with a resin binder in a high-speed sand mixer and then drop off into a box containing the pattern. A few minutes later, the sand-binder mixture hardens itself and the mold is removed from the patterns. Sand Cores for creating the inside structure of the castings are made using the same process at the same time. After the cores and the exterior molds are assembled, they are closed and prepared for metal pouring. Certain materials, such as ductile iron castings, require special treatment of the metal prior to pouring.

The No-Bake casting process is highly flexible as it allows iron castings and steel castings to be maintained to precise tolerances while also being able to handle part sizes from tens of grams up to tens of tons.