Lost Foam Casting vs Vacuum Casting

Item Lost Foam Casting Vacuum Casting
Suitable Castings Small and medium-sized castings with complex cavities, such as engine block, engine cover Medium and large castings with few or no cavities, such as cast iron counterweights, cast steel axle housings
Patterns and Plates Foam patterns made by moldings Template with suction box
Sand Box Bottom or five sides exhaust Four sides exhaust or with exhaust pipe
Plastic Film The top cover is sealed by plastic films All sides of both halves of sand box are sealed by plastic films
Coating Materials Water-based paint with thick coating Alcohol-based paint with thin coating
Molding Sand Coarse dry sand Fine dry sand
Vibration Molding 3 D Vibration Vertical or Horizontal Vibration
Pouring Negative Pouring Negative Pouring
Sand Process Relieve negative pressure, turn over the box to drop sand, and the sand is then reused Relieve negative pressure, then the dry sand falls into the screen, and the sand is recycled

Vacuum casting, also called V process casting or V casting process, is different from typical investment castings due to the technique that is used to create the moulds and patterns. The vacuum casting process begins by placing a two-piece mold in a vacuum chamber. Followed by the molten metal drawn into the mould by vacuum. Finally, the casting is solidified and the mold is removed in order to get the final blank castings.

If you have a project that requires high-quality vacuum castings, we can provide them for you. Here at RMC, we utilize both gravity fed and vacuum casting methods to produce metal components with weight range from a few kilograms up to hundreds of kilograms. Our more than 20 years of experience in both of these methods guarantee that we can supply superior or near net shape parts that require little or no finish work. 

vacuum castingvacuum casting

vacuum castingvacuum casting

vacuum casting foundryvacuum casting

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