Sand Casting Capabilities at RMC
Casting Process Annual Capacity / Tons Main Materials Range of Casting Weights Dimensional Tolerance Grade of Castings (ISO 8062) Heat Treatment
Green Sand Casting  12,000 Cast Gray Iron, Cast Ductile Iron, Cast Aluminium, Brass, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel  0.3 kg to 5,000 kg CT11~CT14 Normalization, Quenching, Tempering, Annealing, Carburization
Shell Mold Casting 0.20 kg to 500 kg CT8~CT12

Sand Casting Equipment at RMC
Sand Casting Equipment Inspection Equipment
Description Quantity Description Quantity
Vertical Automatic Sand Molding Production Line 1 Hareness Tester 1
Horizontal Automatic Sand Molding Production Line 1 Spectrometer 1
Medium-Frequency Induction Furnace 2 Metallurgical Microscope Tester 1
Automatic Sand Molding Machine 10 Tensile Strength Testing Machine 1
Baking Furnace 2 Yield Strength Tester 1
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine 3 Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer 1
Sand Blasting Booth 1 CMM 1
Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine 5 Vernier Caliper 20
Abrasive Belt Machine 5 Precision Machining Machine
Cutting Machine 2
Air Plasma Cutting Machine 1
Pickling Equipment 2 Vertical Machining Center 6
Pressure Shaping Machine 4 Horizontal Machining Center 4
DC Welding Machine 2 CNC Lathing Machine 20
Argon Arc Welding Machine 3 CNC Milling Machine 10
Electro-Polish Equipment 1 Honing Machine 2
Polishing Machine 8 Vertical Drilling Machine 4
Vibrate Grinding Machine 3 Milling and Drilling Machine 4
Heat Treatment Furnace 3 Tapping and Drilling Machine 10
Automatic Cleaning Line 1 Grinding Machine 2
Automatic Painting Line 1 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 1

The following photos show the sand casting equipment such as sand process equipment, sand mixer, molding machine, sand core machine, automatic molding machine, shot blasting machine, cleaning and grinding machines and other post-process equipment. 

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Toolings WorkshopToolings Workshop

Toolings for Iron Sand CastingToolings Workshop

Iron Sand Casting ToolingsToolings Workshop

Sand Core MakingSand core making

Sand MixerSand Mixer

sand mixer for foundrySand Mixer

Sand Molding MachineSand Molding Machines

Moulding Machines for Sand Casting FoundrySand Molding Machines

Sand Moulding EquipmentSand Molding Machines

green sand mould for iron castingSand Molding Machines

Automatic Casting LineAutomatic Casting Line

automatic moulding machines for foundryAutomatic Casting Line

automatic foundry lineAutomatic Casting Liner

sand casting foundryAutomatic Casting Line

iron foundryAutomatic Casting Line

cast iron foundryAutomatic Casting Line

Sand MoldSand Mold

green sand mould for cast iron foundrySand Mold

Molten Metal PouringMolten Metal Pouring

Shot Blasting MachineShot Blasting Machine

Automatic Cleaning and Polishing line

cleaning and grinding iron castingsAutomatic Cleaning and Polishing line

Automatic Cleaning and Polishing LineAutomatic Cleaning and Polishing line

Grinding and Painting LineGrinding and Painting Line

post-casting processingGrinding and Painting Line

Inspection AreaInspection Area

testing of iron castingInspection Area

testing of iron sand castingInspection Area